Life is hard sometimes. Trials come. Circumstances seem unbearable.

Your routine checkup at the doctor revealed cancer. It's been three years and counting with only negative pregnancy tests. You don't know what to do with the divorce papers in your hands. Your daughter is overwhelmed with anxiety, and she's only eight years old.

Maybe life seems impossible right now. Perhaps it looks like there's no light at the end of the tunnel. But the truth is, there's not only light at the end, there's also light in your tunnel.

As the verse says, “In the middle of my trial/I will lift my voice to sing/In this moment I surrender/And I believe you can do anything.” God's not on the other side of your trial. He's with you in the middle of it.

It's easy to believe the lie that when life is hardest, or when we're the most broken, God is the farthest away. But those are the moments when God is closest. Those are the moments when we most need to surrender and believe that God can do anything.

As the song reminds us, “You can move the highest mountain/You can calm the raging sea/You can see beyond my failures/You can do anything for me.”

Life might feel like a mountain that can't be moved or a raging sea that's over your head, but God is able. He is with you. He will come through.  

Even though our circumstances are always changing, God is always constant. He is always the same. That's why we can lift our voice in the middle of our trial and believe that He can do anything.