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The Tide-Turning Power of HopeSample

The Tide-Turning Power of Hope

DAY 1 OF 21

What if we could fundamentally reframe how we see life’s challenges?

We have to get good at handling the bad.

What if pain and problems were not our enemies? What if the challenges we face in life were also the same things that shape us, define us, and take us to a new and brighter future? Can good come from our catastrophes?

It was through asking these questions that I was inspired by the story of a man named Job. He experienced devastating tragedies in his life. Yet, he exercised a form of hope so counterintuitive to his pain that even his closest friends were in awe of it.

It was this hope that became the catalyst for a remarkable turnaround.

Using the ancient story of Job as a backdrop, this reading plan provides a new perspective on many of the challenges you will face in modern life.

You will discover the secret to weathering life’s storms, learn how to rise above daily imperfections, recognize where to turn in the midst of pain, find out how to survive crises and come out better, understand how to filter out worry and stress in order to gain an ultimate perspective on every challenge you face in life.

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