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Finding Gratitude and Joy: What the Bible Says About GratitudeSample

Finding Gratitude and Joy: What the Bible Says About Gratitude

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As a financial coach, I was recently asked what the most difficult habit to break was as I started getting my finances in order. For me, it was breaking the habit of discontentment. I used to see something I wanted, and I would crave and scheme to get it to the point that I would lose all my joy until it was mine.

Sometimes it was a physical object like a car or a house, and other times it was actually a good goal like paying off debt. But, no matter what the object of our desire is, if our contentment hinges on that thing rather than Jesus, we are going to be disappointed.

In my case, it was my lack of contentment that drove me to spend more than I earned. I was earning more than enough to live a nice life, but I wasn’t satisfied with what I had. I wanted more and wasn't happy until I got the thing I was chasing after. My joy hinged on that next goal or object rather than Jesus, and as a result, I was never satisfied.

In order to overcome my discontent, I first had to identify it. There are many people who spend their entire lives chasing a moving target, not understanding this. For so long, I was one of them. I believed that once I achieved or got the next thing, I would be content:

  • "Once I get my credit cards paid off…”
  • "Once I get a Tesla…"
  • “Once I get a bigger house…”
  • "Once I earn $100k a year…"
  • "Once I pay off the mortgage…"

The enemy wants us to waste our lives chasing arbitrary goals, believing the lie that our contentment is contingent on our possessions or circumstances. All the while, he just continues to move the target, like a game of Whack-a-mole. As soon as we acquire the thing we believe would solve our discontent, the next thing for us to long for pops up. And on and on it goes.

I thought that getting what I craved would satisfy my desires, but just like drinking saltwater, it only increased my desire. Only when I identified my sources of discontent was I able to contend with the enemy.

So today, let’s prayerfully ask the Lord if there are any hidden sources of discontentment in our lives so we can begin better living a life of gratitude for all the blessings He has provided.

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Finding Gratitude and Joy: What the Bible Says About Gratitude

According to new research, "regular grateful thinking can increase happiness by as much as 25%". Intentionally choosing to be grateful for what we have yields a by-product of more joy in our lives. In this plan, we are e...


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