Lent Days

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Judas must have been the most honest person in the band of disciples. Otherwise, he would not have become the treasurer. It is a long process for a wise steward to become a traitor and it could not have happened overnight.

When Mary anointed Jesus with perfume, Judas revealed his attitude towards money (John 12:5). He valued money more than Christ. Usually, those who give less for God’s work criticize more about God’s work. Generally, the problem is not lack of money, but our attitude towards money. So, St. Paul warned against love for money. Money is a faithful slave, but a cruel taskmaster.

Judas might have thought if Christ is caught, He can easily escape. Ultimately, it is a win-win situation where Jesus also escapes and he gains a hefty amount. Satan seeks instruments for his nefarious purposes. Judas was obsessed and disappointed as he estimated Jesus as a powerful Messiah, the king – a descendant of David, who would throw out the Roman government. Judas would have become the finance minister of the new free state of Israel. Satan offered the alternative or a shortcut on a platter. Judas became an instrument by consent. He sold Christ for 30 pieces of silver, the price of a slave.

Jesus brought his folly to his notice. He even appealed to him in love. The last supper shows how Christ wanted to win him back. But he was unmoved. He was a manipulator and hypocrite.

But within a few hours, Judas hated the money he loved. Wealth obtained by selling Christ will be a curse (Matt 27:3-10). Judas shipwrecked his faith and future. And those who gave the money did not take it back. A potter’s field was purchased to bury strangers.

Judas regretted his blunder. He confessed, but to the wrong persons. He went to confess to those who led him astray. He should have returned to Christ, but sadly did not. Even today there are many who repent and confess, but do not come to Christ. They are sadly lost, like Judas.

We cannot serve two masters. We have to love one and hate the other. Jer 6:13 declares that all are covetous. And it includes each one of us. The only antidote for this is to learn to give to the Lord. It must become our habit. We must store up in heaven.