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My Story Your Glory - an Eight-Day Reading Plan by Matthew WestSample

My Story Your Glory - an Eight-Day Reading Plan by Matthew West

DAY 1 OF 8

Your Story His Glory.

A while back, I began thinking about how I schedule meetings when it comes to business to take care of pressing matters. I then began to think about my family and wondered what would happen if I was just as intentional with them as I am with my work. So, I began scheduling individual meetings with my family members. I can just imagine the strange look on my daughter’s face when she got a text from me saying, “I would like to schedule a meeting with you on Tuesday at 4 pm.” But it takes that type of intentionality in our lives, or else important things and important people will be pushed aside and replaced with whatever hot-button topic of the day arises moment by moment. I want to start this year with fierce intentionality, living life on purpose and on mission. How about you?

Here’s a question for you: Do you know your mission? Most successful businesses and organizations have a mission statement. It’s usually placed somewhere visible to employees so they can be frequently reminded why they do what they do. You might have already guessed my personal mission statement: My Story, Your Glory. I want my life to point people to the most important part of my life: Jesus. I want the way that I love my family, run my business, treat strangers, give, handle conflict, and anything else I do to make people see something different in me. And when they see something different, I’ll be quick to tell them that “something different” is really someone.

Make the most of this year by committing to live on mission, on purpose, and with intentionality in your relationship with God and others. 1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “…whatever you do, do all for the glory of God.” It’s your story for His glory!


  1. What do you see are some of the good works God has created for you to do this year?
  2. Spend some time thinking about your own personal mission statement.
  3. Ask God to help you let your light shine this year like never before.
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My Story Your Glory - an Eight-Day Reading Plan by Matthew West

Discover that in the Bible, God didn’t allow anybody to stay in their messes. He’s not willing to leave you in your mess, either! God desires for you to walk in the freedom of His mercy today. No mistake, shame, guilt, o...


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