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Growing in Godliness as a FamilySample

Growing in Godliness as a Family

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Follow the Leader

As parents, we understand conformity is essential at times. In an organization, if a teammate does not comply with the standards, they are putting the strategic plan at risk. Much energy is given to the training of individuals to come together as a cohesive group. We also have a heightened awareness that we must have faith in the organization and its leadership. Success depends on all falling in line behind a good leader.

The success of our kids also depends on the leader they choose to follow. To be accepted among their peers, they might choose to conform to the ungodly cultural influences of our day. We all want to be liked; most children would rather be shaved bald than seen as different. The ability to digitally communicate instantly the ever-changing trends and the continual bombardment of popular standards perhaps make it tougher to choose a God-honoring mindset than ever before.

Ultimately, of course, we want to help them fall in line with the best culture behind the best leader—God. We all must combat a barrage of social influences pressuring us. Whether it’s gender and sexuality, drugs and alcohol, political and social leaders, or the value of life, we need the Lord’s solid base to drill into and hold onto so we can reject ungodly thoughts. We must ask ourselves regularly if the influences and leaders our family encounters bring us closer to Christ or pull us away. We must constantly consider how to respond to these influences and how to help our children be counter-cultural when necessary.

Don't be like the people of this world, but let God change the way you think. Then you will know how to do everything that is good and pleasing to him.
Romans 12:2 (CEV)

If we want to follow the best leader, we must know his standard operating procedures. He will train us in this through a constant diet of the Word of God. Our biblical feed must outweigh our worldly feed from social media, entertainment, news opinions, etc. The enemy is constantly strategizing attacks on our spiritual well-being through fiery arrows that lead to uncontrolled anger, confusion, division, defiance, depression, callousness towards life, and self-hatred. But being conformed to the God described in Romans 11:33-36 (the passage right before this verse above) will yield love, joy, peace, and hope.

This week, try to help your kids identify and think through the things that influence their desires: I want this toy because the ad agency makes it look good; that singer’s life seems glamorous, but it might be a mirage; that party sounds fun, but the consequences would not be. Together, look for godly heroes to emulate. Keep them thinking about the source of all good, all beauty, and all life.


Lord God, it is frightening how our culture is going astray in multiple ways. We need your wisdom and direction. Help our family conform to you and only you. Amen.


Conversation starter for kids: Provides you with questions and prompts to facilitate a time of applicable discussion with children to lead them towards knowing God and His Word more deeply.

Question(s): What do you see as bad things happening around you? Does someone try to make those things look good?

Apply: For younger kids: Look at old advertisements for things you wanted as a kid and compare them with ads now. Talk about how trends change. For older kids: Talk with them about the tragic, early deaths of many famous people or the long-term effects of being hooked on drugs or making other poor life decisions. Discuss ways never to start down those paths.


Related passages: These additional verses will help parents expand Scriptural knowledge and place on the armor of God’s Word to tackle each day. Swipe to read the passages today.

Psalm 37:27-28

1 Peter 1:13-16

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Growing in Godliness as a Family

Teaching children about an almighty God is a daunting task. This quick-read 3-day devotional models for parents how to teach your children about God, sin, and establishing Christian community, so your family can grow in ...


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