The Princess And The P's

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You may have heard Hans Christian Andersen’s version of the old folk tale, "The Princess and the Pea." According to this delightful legend, a prince in search of a princess to marry was unable to determine who the real princesses were. As he courted one princess after another, he always was finding some lack in all of them—something that was less than princess-like.

Finally, one night a beautiful stranger appeared on the doorstep of the castle in the middle of a dark storm. This stranger said she was a princess. The royal family took her in from the cold and rain and placed her in a guest room in the castle. This room was certainly fit for a princess. The bed had twenty mattresses piled up on it and twenty feather-beds as well.

But in order to see if she was really a princess, the prince’s mother placed a single pea underneath the huge pile of mattresses and feather-beds. In the morning the beautiful stranger complained how terribly she had slept the night before. Something hard pressing through the mattresses had disturbed her sleep all night long. It was then that they knew that truly she must have been a princess! (Paraphrase based on Wikipedia)


In this story it was the pea that revealed the princess’s true identity. It demonstrated who she was. And who she was determined how she acted. There are also P’s in the Christian life—things that as the Bride of Christ we need to remember about who we are and, therefore, how we are to respond in our hearts and minds and in our lives. Over the next several days we will look at some of these P’s:

Prayer and Praise
Put off/Put on

These P’s will help us remember who we are, whose we are, and what we are, therefore, to do!