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Know the Truth: 7-Day Devotional for NICU ParentsSample

Know the Truth: 7-Day Devotional for NICU Parents

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It’s okay. It’s okay to feel angry. It’s okay to feel disappointed. It’s okay to feel numb. Having your baby in the NICU can be a traumatic experience. You may have been warned this could happen, but nothing truly prepares you for when it does happen. I remember experiencing a roller coaster of emotions the day my son, Prosper was born. Fear gripped me.

“Your baby is going to die.”

“Your baby is going to die.”

No matter how many times I tried, I couldn’t shake those thoughts out of my head. My sweet baby boy, Prosper, was born 6 pounds, 13 ounces after nine hours of labor, which ended in a disappointing C-section. I didn’t have a chance to touch him, kiss him, or hold him before he was whisked off to the NICU. I kept asking myself, “What is that place anyway?”

“It’s a place where babies go to die.”

“It’s a place where babies go to die!”

There was that voice again.

I longed to be near my baby. Instead, I was in a hospital room healing from a ruptured bladder caused by the C-section. Preeclampsia, migraines, mood swings, weakness... I felt overwhelmed. I remember crying out to God, “Lord, help me stay focused. What is the NICU again? An ICU for babies, right? Please don’t let my baby die!”

If you’re reading this devotional, you probably know that NICU is an acronym for neonatal intensive care unit. It’s a place where newborn babies in need of specialized care receive 24/7 monitoring from doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. Prosper was in the NICU for twenty-seven days. During this time, the enemy continued to whisper lies to me. I remember desperately searching my Bible app for a devotional that would speak to my situation as a NICU parent, but I couldn’t find one. When I asked God for help, He responded in a loving way, “You write it.” So, that’s what I’ve done. This devotional identifies seven lies that I battled while Prosper was in the NICU. If the devil is spewing the same lies to you as a NICU parent, my hope is that this devotional will help you know the truth!


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Know the Truth: 7-Day Devotional for NICU Parents

Becoming a NICU parent can be an overwhelming experience. Your precious newborn enters the world needing immediate medical attention. You may feel helpless, alone, or unsure of what to expect. It's a vulnerable time and ...


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