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Acts: Go & Be Chapters 19-28Sample

Acts: Go & Be Chapters 19-28

DAY 1 OF 20

What is this passage saying?

Paul preaches the gospel in Ephesus.

What is this passage teaching?

Paul’s ministry in Ephesus begins with a puzzling encounter. He comes across a group of men who seemed to be believers but were not filled with the Holy Spirit. After some deliberation, Paul finds they were baptized by John the Baptist but did not know of the salvation Jesus had accomplished in his life, death, and resurrection. In many ways, John the Baptist did not begin the new covenant; he closed the old covenant. The issue with these twelve disciples was not their baptism but their belief. Upon hearing the true gospel – the one accomplished by Christ and proclaimed by the apostles – these disciples realize that salvation is not in the name of John the Baptist but in Jesus alone.

How do I respond?

The disciples had all the right marks of being Christians. No doubt they lived in external righteousness. Upon Paul’s arrival in Ephesus, he immediately identifies them as disciples. Outwardly, they certainly looked the part. They were identified with John the Baptist, a prominent prophet. They undoubtedly lived lives of external holiness – gathering to worship and pray, giving to the poor, and encouraging one another. Despite their credentials and accomplishments, however, they lacked the only thing by which they could be saved: faith in Jesus Christ. Friend, no preacher can save you, no church can deliver you, and no amount of good works could transform your sin-sick heart. It is only by the name of Jesus we can be saved. Have you placed your trust in His work of salvation?


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Acts: Go & Be Chapters 19-28

In this 20-day plan, through chapters 19-28, you will see it’s not merely just an account of what happened but rather what is still happening to this day around the world through the power of The Holy Spirit. In Acts, yo...


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