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DAY 1 OF 5


John 1:1a “In the beginning, the word already existed.”

There is something incredibly comforting about knowing that an established provision already exists. The word already exists!

I recently found myself going through a space where it felt like I was carrying a huge weight of responsibility around the pressure to produce resources to help people manage their emotional and spiritual well-being. I realised I had slipped into the mindset that it was ‘my responsibility’ to develop new, inspiring, and life-giving resources. This weight even impacted my ability to breathe freely. This led me to sit in God’s word, and I found myself landing in John chapter one and chewing on the phrase - ‘the Word already exists.’

God reminded me that everything I need already exists in Him, so ‘breathe’' because there is no pressure.

  • Every creative idea already exists.
  • Every resource needed already exists.
  • Every solution required already exists.
  • Everything I need already exists in Christ.

Before any problem even happened, an established provision existed! How is that for mind-blowing!!!

That means you and I can exhale knowing that our Creator has got it all under control. Our response is to lean into him.

James 1:5 encourages us to ask God for wisdom and that He will give this generously to those who ask. Yet too often, we foolishly slip into the lane of doing it all in our strength. We then find ourselves only asking when we are at the end of ourselves and battling to breathe. (Yes, I am talking to myself.)

Ephesians 1:3-5 reveals that even before we sinned and the earth's foundations were laid, God had an established plan - a solution for our redemptive outcome. Therefore, my current encouragement is to breathe in this truth and breathe out your tensioned worries. Breathe in and trust that God has everything in his grasp, and breathe out fear that we are alone.

Just breathe. There is no pressure in Him!

Reflective Questions:

Consider one thing God wants you to let go of worrying over today.


Lord, help me exhale and trust in your established provision that you have already planned for everything. Help me grasp that you had it all figured out even before I was knit together in my mother’s womb. Help me remember that you are before, behind, and beside me. Thank you that you are my source and resource.

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