Overcoming Procrastination

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Procrastination. ‘Tomorrow I’ll do it.’ Delay. Putting it off. For young guns around the planet there is always a ‘tomorrow’ when they will do whatever they could have well done today. That assignment. That task. That thing. In this humorous statement somebody made hides a diamond of truth: “Tomorrow must be the longest day of the week – judging from the number of things we will do then!” We push many a thing to ‘tomorrow’ when, in fact, the Bible tells us that “you don’t know the first thing about tomorrow” (Jas. 4:14 The Message).

“I’ll enjoy these years of youthfulness and commit my life to Christ later.” Cool way to think? Not exactly! That’s rank folly, buddy! “I’ll finish my high school. Get into the most-happening college in town. Graduate. Join ranks with an MNC. Lap up the cash. Marry a girl (boy) as cute (smart) as Halle Berry (Benedict Cumberbatch). Then after that Jesus deserves a thought!”

“You fool.” Who said that? Not this author. He won’t qualify. By a million miles!! The God of the Bible said that. He told this of the Rich Man who went to hell. Why call him a ‘fool’? Simple: He had wonderful plans for the sixty years of his life on this side of life but no preparation for the countless years in eternity! (Luke 12 – read verse 20, especially). A deep, daily commitment to Jesus is what will give purpose and meaning to your life. Gotta roll up your sleeves and do something for Him in the few waking years we have, chum. Gotta start now. Why?