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Seasons of Man Plan for Growing Godly Alpha MalesSample

Seasons of Man Plan for Growing Godly Alpha Males

DAY 1 OF 7


In 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, Paul exhorts the Corinthians to "Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." These two verses provide valuable guidance for our daily lives as Godly alpha men of faith.

The first directive, to "Be watchful," is a call to be alert and vigilant in our faith. It's easy to become complacent or distracted, but as men of faith, we need to stay focused on our relationship with God and on living out our faith in our daily lives. We need to be on guard against the temptations and distractions that can pull us away from God, and be prepared to stand firm in our beliefs.

The second directive, to "stand firm in the faith," reinforces the first. We need to hold fast to our faith, even when it's difficult or unpopular. We need to trust in God's promises and stay committed to following Him, no matter what challenges we may face.

The third directive, to "act like men," can be misunderstood if taken as a call to embrace traditional masculine stereotypes. Rather, it's a call to be mature and responsible in our actions, to live with integrity and honor, and to be leaders in our families and communities.

The fourth directive, to "be strong," reminds us that we can draw strength from God as we face the challenges of life. We don't need to rely on our own strength or abilities but can trust in God's power to help us overcome obstacles and persevere through difficult times.

Finally, Paul reminds us to let all that we do be done in love. Love is the foundation of our faith, and it should guide all of our actions and interactions with others. As men of faith, let us strive to live out these words of wisdom from Paul, and to be watchful, stand firm, act like men, be strong, and do everything in love.

May God bless you and guide you on your journey of faith.


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