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You And Me Forever: Marriage In Light Of EternitySample

You And Me Forever: Marriage In Light Of Eternity

DAY 1 OF 30

"Marriage Is a Minor Theme"

I’m worried that we make too big a deal out of marriage. Though God designed marriage, it’s really not His emphasis. To put into perspective, the Bible is the book that God gave us so that we would know how to live, how to follow Him, how to please Him, how to enjoy Him. It’s a big book, but it says relatively little about marriage. While there are important passages on marriage, and while the Bible does speak very highly of marriage, it’s important that we understand the Bible is not about marriage.

Marriage is a minor theme in the Bible. The major theme is God. On every page, the Bible is a book about God. His character, His world, His people, His promises, His future, His glory. Everything we say about marriage must first be seen in light of the Bible’s emphasis on God. If we are going to view marriage accurately, we must view it in relation to God. 

For the sake of your marriage, then, stop thinking about marriage for a moment. Think about God.

When we devote ourselves to understanding, knowing, and following God, other things tend to fall into place. So take some time right now to forget about yourself, forget about your marriage, and reflect on who God is.

Isaiah 40 is one of the most breathtaking passages in the Bible. It pulls back the heavens to give us a glimpse of how immense and glorious God truly is. It puts the smallness of our world and our egos and our problems into perspective. God wants to work in and through your marriage. But first focus on the God who made you, who rules over every aspect of this world, and who loves you deeply.

Discuss with your spouse: How often do you remind each other of God’s greatness? How can you help each other in this area?

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You And Me Forever: Marriage In Light Of Eternity

In this 30-day reading plan, Francis and Lisa Chan set aside typical approaches to talking about marriage and dive into Scripture to understand what it means to have a relationship that satisfies the deepest parts of our...


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