Pray To Believe (Pray21)

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You believe in God? Good. Did you know that God believes in you? God made you just the way he wanted you to be. Sure, maybe you’ve done things that have offended him, hurt others, and injured yourself. Not good. But that doesn’t change the fact that God made you for himself (he really likes you) and for a purpose, a mission in this life. And he believes you can do it—with his help—because he made you that way. So when does your purpose for living kick in? Will it be when you “grow up”? When you get a degree? When you get married? When you make partner or manager? No-- Your purpose takes effect now! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a teen or an octogenarian. You’ve already passed Go. You’ve already collected all the gifting and spiritual resources from God that you need for mission launch.

What? You don’t have everything you’ll need for the whole journey? Don’t worry. God will train and supply you on the job. It’s part of the “daily bread” Jesus said to pray for. But the whole venture starts by agreeing with God. He believes in the you that he made. You need to believe in that same you. Not with sinful pride, but with faith in your Creator and Provider as you step out and live for him. So tell God, “You’re right about me.” And don’t just tell him. Show him.

Challenge: Pray through Scripture and ask God to help you see the confidence he has in you.