Better Than Blended Devotional

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Introduction - Welcome to Better Than Blended

When two people meet and fall in love, they typically don’t take the time to fully consider the extent to which their love will change their lives, especially in a blended family. During a beautiful marriage ceremony, they stand before witnesses and confess their undying love and vow their commitment to one another. All the decorations and ceremonial pomp, however, don’t prepare them for the hard work that lies ahead.

As children, both of us were exposed to the challenges of being in a blended family at an early age. When we joined together in marriage, we desired to become a united family! This was an audacious prayer—but with God’s help, it is attainable. 

Blending a family is a journey—one that will have some steep valleys of seeming defeat as well as high mountains of apparent victories. But it is worth it! Strong blended families aren’t the result of some magic pill or a single prayer. Strong blended families require application of the Word of God, willingness to work toward growth, and the ability to apply the wisdom of God in situations! We pray that you will begin to identify with these things in this devotional.

Wherever you are as a blended family, you will find that engaging in this devotional with an open heart and mind will take your family to the next level. As you begin and complete the Better than Blended Devotional, we would love to see three main goals achieved:

  • 1. An enhanced blended family experience by drawing closer to God
  • 2. A strengthened blended family by helping your children to develop heartfelt relationships with each other
  • 3. More intentionality by developing unity and oneness in every aspect of your blended family

We pray that a deepened sense of God’s call for your family will take root in your hearts and that the fruit of your love for each other, your children, and God will yield a family that is Better Than Blended.