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Mastering Time Management as a Solopreneur: Insights From JesusSample

Mastering Time Management as a Solopreneur: Insights From Jesus

DAY 1 OF 4

Jesus Also Had Limited Time

Certainly, as a solopreneur, time can be your greatest friend or your worst enemy. With you being the head of sales, marketing, operations, finance, and all other areas in your business, your day sweeps away and you wonder where it went.

As the “wearer of many hats,” you might think: How am I ever going to do all of this in my lifetime?

Fortunately, you can learn how from a time genius who also had limited days:


It’s not far-fetched to think that Jesus was swamped.

He had about three years to complete His ministry.
Traveling from place to place, healing people, telling them the Truth, and fulfilling all the forecasted promises about the Messiah sounds like a full agenda.

The noticeable thing, though, is that Jesus started His limited time of ministry by fasting 40 days in the desert.

That’s a significant amount of His ministry time!

Weren’t 10 days a better use of His time? you could think.

No. Jesus knew what He was doing.

Reading the story of Jesus fasting in the desert, you can tell it was necessary. He came out more focused, prepared, and determined, all of which are needed to be steadfast and uneasily distracted in your walk. He was ready to intentionally make the most of His short time.

What else can you draw from Jesus' doings at the beginning of His ministry?

Jane (Founder, Born to Fly)


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About this Plan

Mastering Time Management as a Solopreneur: Insights From Jesus

Jesus was busy! However, He knew how to perfectly balance and manage His time. This four-day plan focuses on Jesus as a time genius and how you can be one too.

We would like to thank BORN TO FLY for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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