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Forget Focus ForwardSample

Forget Focus Forward

DAY 1 OF 5

In order to reach the new blessings that God is providing for us, we often have to let go of some of the baggage that we’re carrying with us.

I’ve often said that the reason God transforms our lives so suddenly is because if He told us beforehand, we would pack too much for the trip!

Instead, changes and transformations come to us often at times in which we don’t want them to. It’s like we’re telling God, “hey, I need a change…just not yet because I’m not ready!”

God, however, does not adhere to our schedules, because He sees the bigger picture.

We can’t carry the baggage of our old job into our new career. We can’t carry the baggage of a previous relationship into a new relationship, and we cannot allow the mistakes of our past to ruin our present, and leak into our future.

Don’t populate your future destiny with your past accomplishments, because God is doing a new thing!

We have to forget our past.

We have to focus on our present.

And we MUST look forward to the future that the Lord has in store for us.

Because the reality is this: we can’t carry what God wants us to carry if we’re still holding onto what God wants us to put down.

Stop dwelling in the past, because God is doing something new. He’s moved on, and we should do the same! Stop preoccupying yourself with what was, because God is focused on what is, and what will be.




So that we are prepared to accept the blessings that God has in store for us.

About this Plan

Forget Focus Forward

Forget your past, focus on the present, so that you may go forward to your future. Join David Villa as he delves into the ste...


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