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Nothing To ProveSample

Nothing To Prove

DAY 4 OF 5

The Great Exchange

Enjoying His grace does cost us something. One thing: death. Death of our old selves. Death of our pride. Death of thinking we can be enough on our own. You will hate it for a moment. But you know what happens in your soul? You get free. You know what happens when you are free? Other people are set free.

Peter loved so passionately, and he made some of the biggest mistakes. He was prideful and passionate. We are just like Peter.

And Jesus knows what Peter doesn’t know yet. You do need this. You do need my forgiveness. You don’t even know what you are capable of. But you need this forgiveness today.

I wash your fear that stops you from obeying.

I wash your shame that makes you hide.

I wash your performance that you think proves your worth.

I wash your arrogance that resists your need of forgiveness.

I wash your feet and set them on My path—a path of service, a path of love, a path of rejection, a path of suffering, a path of joy, a path of setting people free.

A few hours after He washed the feet of Peter, Jesus chose to die on the cross to wash all our filth and dirt away. In one violent costly act, He washed us of all our sin. We were needy, and Christ paid the penalty of our sin so that we would be with Him forever. His blood in exchange for ours.

This is what it looks like to fill our souls with streams of living water, bread that does not ever leave us hungry again, and light that takes over the darkness. We are not defined by our worst or our best; we are defined by our God.


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Nothing To Prove

Are you overwhelmed with choices, expectations, and pressures, trying your best to measure up–yet you still feel as if you're...


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