Words Matter

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Your Story Is Powerful

You matter
You are enough
Remember these words
When times get tough

Oftentimes, our greatest challenges come from within. We can be our worst enemies in making a positive impact on the world.

One night I got to speak with a group of middle school and high school students about depression’s role in my life, as well as how Car Window Poetry offers students a way for them to encourage their classmates. Scanning the crowd, I couldn't tell if anyone was following along.

After I finished speaking, I became super discouraged. We tend to go to extremes when critiquing ourselves, so I felt like nothing I said made sense, and I was convinced my talk didn't inspire anybody. Not one person. But then, later on in the event, three middle school girls tapped on my shoulder and whispered, "We covered every car in the parking lot with poems."

I wanted to cry. I thought I was showing up to encourage and ended up being encouraged in more ways than I could've imagined. When I walked back to the Car Window Poetry booth the event staff had set up for me, I found that, during the event, people had come up to the table and wrote their own poems, as well as a few encouraging notes for me.

God gives great gifts, and one of the greatest gifts he’s ever given us is Christ within. Because Jesus lives in us, we don’t have to listen to the lies we tell ourselves. We can listen to him. We no longer have to be slaves to fear and doubt, but we can claim power, love, and self-control.

Never underestimate the power of your story. You have a unique perspective that no one else has, and you have mighty words available to share it with. I believe Kid President creator Brad Montague says it best: “You’re more! You’re magic! Time to be seen. You’re more powerful than you know and more loved than you can dream.”

What story will you believe about yourself today?

Writing Prompt: Write four poems encouraging someone that their story is powerful. Personify their story as a superhero, saving the day for someone in need. Share poems around your neighborhood. To learn more about Car Window Poetry, visit carwindowpoetry.com.