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Notable Lessons From Women in the BibleSample

Notable Lessons From Women in the Bible

DAY 1 OF 4

Day 1: Lessons from Achsah

The inspiration for this lesson is brought forth by Achsah’s mini insert in the Bible. Achsah was Caleb’s only daughter whom Caleb gave in marriage to Othniel after he captured Kiriath Sepher, a land which was assigned to Caleb by God. Caleb did this to fulfil a promise he made that whoever captures Kiriath Sepher would have Achsah’s hand in marriage. On their wedding day, Caleb gifted them a sizeable desert land, but Achsah went to present an additional request.

Some may say that Achsah wasn’t being grateful when she went to her father to ask for something more. I mean, she and her husband had just been given land in the south. However, Achsah put in an additional request because she knew what she needed to fortify what she was given.

Achsah was strategic in her request: starting off by stating what she needed and why she needed it. She did not beat around the bush but went straight for it.

When making your requests, asking for more in addition to what you have already been given. Your intentions must be clear, lest your requests be confused for ungratefulness.

We learn from Achsah’s demeanour that being bold about our requests can yield positive results. We also learn from Achsah that boldness in our requests means we are confident in who we are, what we are about, and what we deserve.

So, don’t hold back. Remember, when you hold back, you hold yourself back. And ultimately, you hold back the manifestation of God’s blessings upon your life.

If you are not explicit with what you need, nobody will know what you need. The end result: they can’t help or provide for your needs.

Show up for yourself as whole so the world and everyone in it can experience a whole you, enabling them to respond to a whole you. No half measures or in-betweens, but a whole you!

Summary of lessons from Achsah:

  • Don’t be shy to make your requests known. Know your place and bargain or negotiate if need be. Whatever you do, be bold, audacious, and specific in your requests to God, your employer, your husband, partner, or anyone.
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Notable Lessons From Women in the Bible

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