Overwhelmed By My Blessings (Part 3)


So, it’s Monday. Or an upcoming holiday, or even just another hard day at work or with raising your crew. You are already dreading it. I’ve been there plenty of times. Being a mom is hard.

It may be when your husband is gone, or even home sick. Or when you have to see your own mom. Or you have to go to back to work. Or maybe when your kids wake up and your hard day begins all over again. Or your teen’s pushback has you on edge.

Guess who is standing by at those times? Yep. Your enemy. He knows your buttons, your vulnerable places. He loves dread. He is standing by to make sure you are disappointed, disillusioned, and discouraged. See the dis-es? He wants to remove you from your position.

Your position and place were given you by your Creator. He knew just the right location on earth and the perfect time in eternity to place you so that you could bring Him the most glory. Guess what? It’s right now! It’s where you are! It’s the very thing you are doing. It’s being a mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend.

If your enemy can remove you from that place and bring dread to that position, he has won. He has dis-placed and dis-appointed you from the very spot God has planted you. For HIS glory!

Is it possible that our dread could be holding back the power of God from our pressing situations? Could we replace that dread with expectation, believing that He is all we need and His power is shown, even in our weaknesses?

Could His power within us do more than we could ever think or imagine if we quit dreading and begin to expect Him to work and show Himself mighty?

Oh, Father. The dread of what is upcoming is overwhelming my thoughts and spilling over into my attitudes. My fears are holding back your power in my own heart! I want to move out of your way and allow you to go before me. I want to replace the dread with expectation of all I know you can do in this place and time. Help me watch for you, to expect you, to know you are at work, even if I don’t see it. I place my hand in yours, knowing that resisting you is exactly what my enemy desires. Help me stand firm against him by choosing you. I’m expectant and excited to see what happens!