Where Do I Begin? Getting to Know Jesus.

Where Do I Begin? Getting to Know Jesus.

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READ: Luke 1:11-22

ANSWER THIS: When was the last time you’ve been discouraged, and felt like you didn’t have anything to offer anyone?


After walking into the temple to perform his duties as a priest, Zechariah encounters an angel named Gabriel, who had a message for him from God.

Angels can be pretty intimidating. Throughout the Bible, men would tremble at their sight. This explains why the first thing angels often said when appearing to someone was, “Do not fear.” Zechariah’s encounter was no exception. As he stood shaking in his boots, Gabriel tells him not to be afraid.

Gabriel then tells Zechariah that God has remembered him (which is interesting, because the name “Zechariah” means “The Lord has remembered”). Then, Gabriel tells him he’s going to be a father.

He would be no ordinary father, though. Zechariah would be the father of John the Baptist. And, John the Baptist would later turn people “back to the Lord their God.” Zechariah’s son was going to introduce people to someone who would change their hearts, and forever change the course of history.

It was astonishing news, to say the least. Zechariah had prayed for years to have a child. Now, in his old age, he’s being told by an angel that he’ll have a son. On top of that, he was going to have a son with a woman who was long past her childbearing years.

When Zechariah expresses doubt about whether he and his wife could have a child together, Gabriel is offended that the good news he just delivered is received with disbelief. So, Gabriel scolds Zechariah and disciplines him by temporarily taking away his ability to speak.


Zechariah got in trouble because he doubted God. In essence, questioning, “How could God possibly use my wife and me?”

The Bible is full of stories about God’s crazy ability to use unlikely people to do extraordinary things, and so are our history books. People like Abraham Lincoln (raised in poverty, multiple political failures, 16th US President), Harriet Tubman (born into slavery, escapee, rescuer of over 300 slaves), and Rosa Parks (department store seamstress, bus passenger, ignitor of the civil rights movement) were used to accomplish great things, in spite of their otherwise ordinary lives.

God accomplishes great things through ordinary people, to remind us He deserves credit for anything we accomplish.


We shouldn’t get discouraged about our perceived lack of abilities, opportunities, or achievements, because no one is too ordinary for God to use. Nor should we brag about what we DO have, because every talent we possess, every success we attain, and every opportunity we’re given comes only from our Heavenly Father.


“Lord, I feel like I have nothing to offer anyone. Are You even interested in whatever talent and ability I may have? If so, I place it in Your hands, to accomplish what can only be accomplished with Your help. Everything comes from You. Keep reminding me I possess nothing which You haven’t freely and generously given.”


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Where Do I Begin? Getting to Know Jesus.

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