What Africa Can Teach Us All


African Proverbs Build Bridges

Local truths can be powerful tools for sharing the gospel. Sometimes God’s wisdom is embedded in the local truths of the world’s people even though the Fall has obscured it. His truth is accessible to anyone with eyes to see! We see God’s hand in nature and in the loving actions of those around us. 

Look for godly wisdom in African proverbs such as, “If you follow the path of the elephant through the tall grass, you do not get soaked with dew.” This was traditionally used to teach youth to follow the path of their elders. It can also be used to explain that Christ is now our “elder” or “elephant” who has made the way for us to follow. Consider how you can share Christ more powerfully and train local believers more effectively by harnessing wise sayings to connect people to Christ. 

Personal Reflection
As you interact with today’s Missiographic about African Proverbs, take a moment to think about a local proverb in your own culture. What is the deeper truth that the proverb holds? Consider how that truth might be a bridge into the heart of someone who grew up hearing that same phrase. Now consider how you might learn and utilize local wisdom in your cross-cultural ministry. What do these local truths say that God might use to help engage those you are seeking to serve? Also, don’t miss the rich resources about African proverbs at http://www.afriprov.org.  

Dear God, help me to see Your truth wherever I turn. Allow my deepening understanding of Scripture to inform how I view the sayings of rice farmers in Asia, goat herders in Africa, and factory workers in Russia. Then allow me the great privilege of showing the larger message of Your love to those who hold those sayings dear. Amen

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