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One Single Story Bible Themes Part 1Sample

One Single Story Bible Themes Part 1

DAY 1 OF 14

Growing in Faith

This reading plan looks at one book of the Bible per week and focuses on the theme of each book. The reading plan will highlight specific texts each day of the week that point to these themes. Journaling every day will allow you to reinforce what you are reading.

Part 1: Genesis - 2 Chronicles


Genesis is the “book of beginnings.” Creation is the first beginning we encounter, but there are many other beginnings throughout the Book of Genesis. Adam and Eve had a new beginning after the death of Abel. Noah and his family had a new beginning following the flood. Abram had a new beginning when he started for the Promised Land, and he and Sarah have a new beginning with a son in their old age. Joseph has many beginnings, from slavery to leadership, to prison, to the palace. The book of Genesis ends with Joseph’s family having a new beginning in Egypt. As you begin the year, think about the opportunities for beginnings in your life. Allow the reading this week to ignite the beginning of your best year.

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One Single Story Bible Themes Part 1

The Bible is a compilation of 66 books. Each book has an overarching theme. Multiple stories and texts in each book point to an attribute of God. When these themes are recognized, they help us understand the message of t...


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