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Find Your People

DAY 1 OF 6

Characteristics Of Biblical Friendship

While real-life friendships can get messy at times, the lonely alternative appeals to very few of us. We crave genuine connection because we were created to be with others. After all, God created Eve because He said it wasn’t good for man to live alone. The first thing wrong in creation was isolation.

In Ecclesiastes 4, we see the characteristics of biblical friendship that give us a clue why we have such a deep need for our friends.

First, our true friends help us when the bottom drops out of our world and we’re struggling. Casual acquaintances won’t do in these dark moments. As Proverbs 18:24b shares, there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. True friends encourage us in difficult times. They also speak truth in love when we need to hear it.

In ancient times, military soldiers would partner up to fight back-to-back with someone they could trust. No matter what direction the next attack came from, they were confident their trusted partner had their back. True friends won’t leave you standing alone. While the world can be a cold place, friends bring warmth to you.

Most importantly, a real friend cares about you spiritually. When God is the third strand in your rope of friendship, there is true strength. Hebrews 10:24 tells us to stir up love and good works in one another. Biblical friendship is about support, encouragement, and mutually strengthening our relationship with the Lord.

Do you have friends like this?

As you engage with God’s Word:

● Who are my biblical friends?

● What is God saying to me?

● How can I apply what God is teaching me?

● How can I be specific in prayer today?

After you reflect on these questions, bring everything to God in prayer.

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About this Plan

Find Your People

Society tells us possessions, power, and position determine the quality of our lives; however, Scripture paints a different picture entirely. God has created each of us with the innate desire to know others and be known ...


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