A World On The Move


Who Is My New Neighbor?

Who are the new neighbors moving into your city or neighborhood? Do you know the countries where they are from and the journey they have been on? Each of us has the opportunity to be good neighbors to those among us.

With millions on the move, it is likely that you have some new neighbors from around the world. How are you responding to their presence in your neighborhood? Are you being a blessing to those who have moved just down the street but may come from places and peoples who have never heard the Gospel?

According to today’s Missiographic, Hong Kong is the most neighborly country around the globe. It also has 1 evangelical for every 6.3 new neighbors. This means every believer has many potential opportunities to engage with a new neighbor! In the UK there are 1.37 new neighbors per evangelical and in the USA there are 0.49 new neighbors per evangelical. Whether you live in a country where there are many new neighbors from around the world or where there are relatively few, understanding who lives around you is part of your outreach as a believer.

Personal Reflection

Think back to something a neighbor did for you that was a particular encouragement or blessing. Now consider what you might do to bless a new neighbor from another country. Research what hospitality looks like in their country and then ask God to give you a plan for how you can connect with them in an appropriate and helpful way.


Dear God, my life is full, but I pray there would be plenty of room in my heart for the new neighbors moving into my neighborhood. Help me to see them in the midst of my hectic schedule and take time to be a kind and loving neighbor to them. Amen

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