Act Up

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Grow Up—Jesus Did

When you think about Jesus, how do you picture Him? You probably picture Him as some older guy, probably in his 30s, with a big brown beard and long brown hair.

Now how about this—how do you picture Jesus around Christmas time? In your mind, He’s probably a little babe wrapped in cloth lying in a manger.

These are the two most common images we think of when we picture Jesus. He’s either baby Jesus or adult Jesus who performed miracles and led people.

But Jesus was your age once. He was a baby, and then a kid, and then a teenager, and then an adult. He grew up. He matured. He got smarter, taller, stronger, and grew in His relationship with God and with other people.

If we want to be like Jesus, then we need to learn to grow up and mature, too.

What’s one area in your life where you know you need to grow up a little bit?


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Act Up

Becoming mature is a part of life. It’s something we all have to do. And it’s actually a great thing to do. There’s more freedom and opportunity in maturity. But how do we do it? What does it really look like? If you wan...

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