Splendor Of The King

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A Brilliant King

Sometimes life feels dull.

We go through seasons where the sun doesn’t shine as brightly. Or it feels like we’re living in the shadows. Hope seems far away, and our spirits are poor and broken.

I met Sambo in Cambodia, a man hiding in the shadows. He was poor on every metric: materially, spiritually, and relationally.

Sambo grew up in 1970’s Cambodia, where he ended up being part of the Khmer Rouge regime. Indoctrinated as a young boy, he was one of the regime’s soldiers. Eventually, Khmer Rouge’s time in power was brought to an end and Sambo turned to alcohol to try to deal with his pain. A while later Sambo got married, but he ended up failing as a husband and father. He beat his wife and his children ended up being trafficked.

For Sambo, hope seemed so far away. He’d made many mistakes. His life was marked by failure and he hid his hurt under the numbness of alcohol. When Jesus went to the temple, he used the passage from Isaiah 61 to declare his purpose—to bring good news to the poor. To people like Sambo. To people like you and I. 

When we are hurting, when hope seems out of reach, we can trust in Jesus’ words. With him, dull seasons are transformed. He heals the broken hearted, those in chains and those who are numb.

As Christians, we carry that same Spirit. Christ lives in us, and he is the hope of glory. Jesus promises life, hope and warmth. He is our brilliant King.


Lord, I thank you for your Spirit which lives in me. Allow me to feel the fullness of your glory. Amen.