Breakthrough How To Get Unstuck With God's Breakthrough

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Do You Need Breakthrough?

Life isn't meant to be perfect.  There will be challenges, hardships, and suffering.  

Even with all that, a life following Christ is a growing one.

But sometimes you get stuck.

When you're stuck, you seem to be in the same place, stuck in the same rut.  

You aren't growing.

You aren’t moving forward. Everything feels like it is on hold.

With each passing year you look at your life and wonder, "Has anything changed?  There's more to life, and I am not living fully."

For every step forward you take two steps backwards.

You aren’t in a state of crisis or chaos.

You just feel stuck.

This 5-day reading plan was designed to help you get there. Not just unstuck. But to breakthrough.

Did you know that God is described by David as “God of the breakthrough”?

Because breakthrough can mean different things to different people, let’s start by grounding ourselves in definitions based on God’s Word.

There are three ways the Bible illustrates breakthrough:  

  1. God is the God of the breakthrough  

  2. Gospel breaks through the veil of law and religion  

  3. Grace breaks through our sin and guilt

In the passage from Chronicles, God is called the “God of the breakthrough” by David when God defeated the Philistines at Baal-perazim.

The victory that David experienced by the “God of the breakthrough” foreshadows Christ’s work at the cross. Christ’s death broke through the veil separating us from God, tearing it from top to bottom, as described in Matthew.

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  • Which areas in your life need breakthrough?  

  • If you could define breakthrough in your life, what would it look like?  

  • What are ways you have tried on your own strength to have a breakthrough? And how did that turn out?