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Called to Ministry, Called to ScriptureSample

Called to Ministry, Called to Scripture

DAY 1 OF 5

To be called to ministry means that we are called to be “set apart.” Jesus prayed for all of his disciples to be in the world but not of the world. But because we’ve been set apart for the work of ministry, it’s even more critical for us to be set apart from the world and its mindset. This is much easier read than done.

Whether it’s through people’s social media stories, music that celebrates a particular lifestyle, or movies and shows that promote worldly pleasures and pursuits, our minds are constantly bombarded with our culture’s views and values. Our hearts can quickly become flooded with toxic thoughts that influence what we desire and how we live. Gradually we can be deceived into pursuing the world’s vanishing mirage of the ideal life that will always leave us empty and disappointed.

But God’s Word tells us that we should not be conformed to the pattern of the world and its thinking. Instead, we are called to be transformed by renewing our minds so that we can properly discern God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will.

When we read this biblical caution and challenge, we can be convinced that pursuing God’s plan is second-rate. Sure, we want to follow his will, but based on what the world is promoting, it seems like we’re settling for less. This feeling can sometimes hide in our hearts and reveal our polluted perspective. And the only way to clarify our understanding is to catch a glimpse and become enamored with what the “good life” really looks like.

The book of Psalms begins with the picture and promise of the real “blessed” life. In Psalm 1, the author provides a contrast between an empty life that leads to ruin and a satisfied life that is righteous and rewarding. The psalmist paints the picture of a strong tree that is grounded and growing — its leaf never withers, and it is planted by the water and produces desirable fruit. This tree represents the stable and satisfying life God desires for us. Perhaps the most important truth to notice is the source of strength and nourishment that produces this type of tree. The “flowing streams” represent the water of God’s Word, and apart from its steady supply, the tree (and our lives) will wilt.

When we immerse ourselves in Scripture, having our minds and our hearts refreshed by its truth, we are assured that our lives and ministries will be fruitful and fulfilling.

During the next few days through this devotional, plant your life by the water of his Word. We’ll walk through God’s word together, soaking in it and allowing it to saturate our hearts. Then, you’ll be equipped to squeeze it out as you minister to others in service to him.

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Called to Ministry, Called to Scripture

Those called to ministry must first become steeped in the Word of God. No other preparation for vocational ministry is more crucial than being immersed in the truths of God’s Word. This five-day devotional plan walks rea...


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