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God Is at WorkSample

God Is at Work

DAY 1 OF 5

Your waiting is not in vain, because God is at work!

The One who gave you your dreams will also be the One to help those same dreams come true.

You see, sometimes God makes us wait, on purpose, so that He will be glorified by the good that comes. We cannot become so discouraged by the delays that we give up on the pursuit of our purpose!

We have to trust the process!

Don’t lose hope. Don’t give up, and don’t write off the good that God is doing in your life right here, right now. The very circumstances which were meant to break your faith in God’s promises are actually the very events that are setting up their fulfillment!

Your dark times are opportunities for God to shine.

He has not placed you in your current troubles, trials, or tribulations to simply forget about you, nor to imprison you. He is building your story, and His glory. God is glorified within our unlikely circumstances. When there seems to be no logical way to get from here to there, that’s when God steps in. He waits until there can be no other answer than the hand of God: so that there will be no one else to praise but Him!

No matter how undeserving we are, or unlikely it seems, God always keeps His promises to us.

We cannot lose hope.

We cannot lose sight of the plans that He has set before us.

We cannot allow temporary circumstances to permanently alter our mindsets or our faith.

God works in mysterious ways. We’ve all heard this, but we have also all experienced this. We may not understand how, why, or when, but He does!

God is working within you right at this very moment. He is making changes, He is setting up detours, and providing lessons that will take us to newfound heights.

Allow His word to guide you through the difficult moments, so that we can find what He has set aside for us.

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About this Plan

God Is at Work

God is at work right here, right now! Join David Villa in his latest Bible plan as he discusses the daily work that God is doing in our lives!

We would like to thank David Villa for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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