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New CreationSample

New Creation

DAY 3 OF 3

The psalm you’re about to read describes God’s creation of the world. As you read it, you can also think about the new creation: the heaven and earth God will renew and restore when Jesus returns!

As you read, you’ll hear themes of God’s power. Look for evidence of how God alone can speak the world into being, sustain every living creature, and read the human heart. You’ll also see verses about his love: how he cares for us, rescues us, and surrounds us with his love.

When God first created the world, it was perfect. And one day, it will be perfect again!

Read: Psalm 33

Reflection Questions:

  1. Have you experienced God’s power? Think about a time you saw a beautiful scene in nature or a time when you felt God move in your life. Thank God for these moments, and ask him to use those memories to help you trust him more.
  2. Have you experienced God’s love? Have you ever felt God’s mercy and forgiveness for you? Have you felt God’s love surrounding you? Use the words from the psalm to thank God for these times. If you haven’t experienced this, cry to God and ask him to reveal himself to you. As you go through your days, notice how God provides love and care to you.


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New Creation

The ultimate hope toward which the Christian faith points us is that God will one day reunite heaven and earth in a new creat...


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