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1st Corinthians Explained Part 1 | Getting It RightSample

1st Corinthians Explained Part 1 | Getting It Right

DAY 1 OF 9

1 Corinthians Intro | Paul's Letter to the Church Today

Welcome to 1 Corinthians Explained by Through the Word. Each day, your instructions are simple:

Step 1: Hear it. Press play to listen to today's audio guide.

Step 2: Read it. Read (or listen to) today’s passage.

Step 3: Live it. Think about what you read and apply it to your life today. If you’re following this plan with friends, share your insights and questions and encourage one another to live out what you’ve learned.

Day 2

About this Plan

1st Corinthians Explained Part 1 | Getting It Right

No church resembled a daytime talk show more than the Corinthian church. Fighting. Division. Lawsuits. Immorality. Questioning Truth. The Corinthian church had been influenced by the pagan culture around them and was in ...


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