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Bro Code Devotional: Part 3 of 3Sample

Bro Code Devotional: Part 3 of 3

DAY 1 OF 10

Lord Father,

Hallelujah that You are the Great Healer. Lord, we as men suffer in silence. We've mistakenly accepted this as a sign of strength when in fact, it's a darkness in our spirits that prevents overcoming past and present hurts.

Father, help our brothers examine their lives and identify past pains that now cause current hurts, anger, or bad actions against themselves or others. Show them that the only way to heal that pain is to bring light to it.

You, Father, are that light. Show our brothers to call out to You, confess sins, and pray for healing from their wounds. You are the Healer and Redeemer!!



Day 2

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Bro Code Devotional: Part 3 of 3

Men, here's your daily hangout with the ultimate alpha male - Jesus Christ. This 10-day journey is your time to get to know yourself better by getting to know Him best. This is no read-and-repeat devotional. It's a bare-...


We would like to thank FIVE STONES CHURCH for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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