The Bible. What Is It?

The Bible. What Is It?

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The Bible is an incredible collection of 66 books, written by 40 authors in 3 languages across roughly 2,000 years - divided into 2 Testaments - but it tells of ONE overarching story. And like an unfolding drama, each scene is unique and often seems strange. While characters come and go, with faithfulness or failures, throughout the pages of the Bible, God is at work and is speaking and interacting with humanity. This is why it’s not just a book; it’s God’s Word!

The Bible tells the most important story we can ever learn. It tells of the promises of God: his promise to rescue and redeem his people, to show his love to the world, and to ultimately make all things new again. And as the Old Testament finishes, the New Testament begins with a jaw-dropping moment. God himself comes to earth in the flesh to accomplish these promises!

Isn’t that story worth knowing? Worth studying? Worth believing? These authors may not have written these stories to us specifically, but these truths are for us. They were written so we can know who God is, what he’s like, and what he wants for us: which is to be reunited with him. As we read his Word, we’re invited to join the story and believe in this same God. Believe that his promises and love are not just for the people in the pages, but for us too.

Believing God doesn’t mean we’ll have all the answers, but we can learn, grow, ask questions of the Bible and ourselves, and allow the Word of God to shape and form our lives.

Consider: The Bible tells us that God’s Word is alive and powerful. If I fully embraced it, how might it transform me?

Reflect: What does it mean for the Bible to be written FOR you versus TO you? How does that change the way you read and engage with the Bible?

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The Bible. What Is It?

Do you ever wonder about the Bible? What it is? Who it was written by? Is it relevant for me today? In this 3-day Bible Plan, you will explore how the Bible is God’s Word written for us, relevant for all people and for a...

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