The Face of Transformation

The Face of Transformation

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Day 1 - Devotional

Have you ever met a hero? What about a hero in the faith? As inspiring as it can be to hear some of the events of the lives of people in the Bible, it can also be intimidating. We can be tempted to think we could never measure up or accomplish such amazing feats as them, or the men and women in the Bible. Jacob, on the other hand, has both amazing qualities that are ones to look up to, and very clear flaws. In short, he's human.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think Jacob’s picture deserves to be in the Hall of Fame of faith, but I wonder if a different picture of Jacob would be there than the one we’ve been shown most often. Yes, the shining moments of victory, the courageous leaps of faith, but also the failures, the pain, and the struggles. In time, you become even more impressed, and inspired, by the grace of God through Jacob's adventures. Genesis 25-27 is the beginning of his origin story, where we are introduced to Jacob and his family.

Questions to Ponder:

How can God’s grace shine in your humanness today?

What’s your origin story?

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The Face of Transformation

Hebrews 11 highlights many of the heroes of the Bible, including Jacob. The deeper you dig into Jacob's life, you begin to see that he’s a mess. But what if the people in the Bible aren't just heroes to imitate, but peop...

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