Capturing Glory Again

Capturing Glory Again

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Glory is an oft used word in Christendom, and you may have found yourself confused about what it really means. It’s also possible that you could be one of the many who know what the word means yet have overlooked the magnitude of what it indicates. Whichever space you find yourself in today, it doesn’t matter. Glory is a term attributed to God and must stay attributed to Him. When we accomplish something phenomenal at work or school we often get some glory bestowed on us. We have heard the phrase “no guts, no glory” which is mentioned in the context of war and conquest.

“Doxa”, the Greek word for glory literally means heavy and is indicative of the intrinsic worth, essence or substance of something. The word glory can only be attributed to God because He alone is genuinely worthy of it. His power, His majesty, His compassion, His might, His creative genius, His sovereign will and His mercy towards mankind (to mention just a few) are some of the characteristics that make Him totally deserving of the glory.

The apostle John writes that Jesus was the Word who became flesh and made His dwelling among us. The Hebrew word “Shekinah” is used to describe the glory of God, and in this verse it says that when Jesus arrived on earth we saw his (Shekinah) glory, the glory of God’s son who was full of grace and truth. Shekinah is the glory that is magnificently evident in the presence of God. It’s beyond our wildest dreams, our most extravagant ideas of opulence and pomp. It’s glory that is fit for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Today, no matter who you are or where you have been or what you have done, you can invite Jesus back into your life and when He comes, He comes to stay. Where He is, there we will see His glory. You will see it demonstrated at work when He empowers you beyond your ability. You will see it at home when your child forgives you of your impatience. You will see it in the kindness of a stranger towards you on a particularly difficult day. Where Jesus is, there His glory will be on display.

You may get some praise, but make sure you pass on the glory to Him!

Declaration Jesus- you are God with me, Immanuel. You are glorious in every way!


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Capturing Glory Again

The glory of God is something we have heard about but something we take for granted by virtue of its familiarity. This Christmas we hope that you will revisit this familiar yet poignant truth about God while allowing it ...

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