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Can't Wait for Christmas: A 3-Day Devotional With Cade ThompsonSample

Can't Wait for Christmas: A 3-Day Devotional With Cade Thompson

DAY 3 OF 3


Look back on the Christmas seasons of your past. Is your first memory of exuberant joy? I am guessing not. It is likely a memory of the many things you did to make sure all of the family was making sure the decorations were in style, even social media photo-worthy, making sure the gift list, no matter the expense, was fulfilled and making sure all the expected foods (and fudge!) were present and in plenty.

‘Angels We Have Heard on High’ is one of the most famous and classic Christmas songs we all sing. It may even be a favorite of yours. This song requests us to have a bold, joyful, and great response of celebration to Jesus’ birth, as the lyrics wrap up with “Gloria in Excelsis Deo,” which means “Glory to God in the highest.”

What is it about this exceedingly great joy we see throughout the Christmas story? How are we really doing with the ‘bold, joyful, and great’ part in our own response to the birth of Jesus Christ? God is the giver of our joy. Luke 2:10-11 says, “but the angel reassured them. “Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people. The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David!”

I want that great joy this Christmas season and all the rest to follow! Our joyful response to the birth of Jesus could be as simple as living by the concept of ‘less is more.’ A cluttered life keeps you from noticing what God may have planned for you (and by you) each day through your interactions with others. Christmas just seems to add more clutter. Are you missing the chance to be that great joy for someone else who needs it?

The angels play a key part in the Christmas story- they had first-hand knowledge of WHO was being born as a baby in the manger long ago. They knew his glory, they knew he was the Savior of this world, and they knew he was a King. Do we live our daily lives like we know those things about Jesus too? The lyrics I added to my version of this song loudly proclaim, “we won’t be silent!” By paying attention to what we are paying attention to and by making small daily changes in the remaining days until Christmas, I am certain our hearts will align with the lyrics in this song and a bold, joyful, and GREAT response to Christ’s birth will occur!


● What has been your response in the past to the fact that Jesus was born for you and for all of humanity? Maybe you haven’t even received any response but have been on auto-pilot, just doing what you always do at Christmas.

● This Christmas, how can you find the kind of great joy that was present at Christ’s birth long ago? How can you share your great joy with others this Christmas?


“Dear God, help me to know Jesus better as my Lord and Savior. Help me to live a more simple Christmas season this year. Help me to see others who need to know the promise of salvation through the birth of your son, Jesus. Don’t let me be silent this Christmas. Thank you for giving me a reason to have GREAT joy”

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