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Overwhelmed by My Blessings: Encouragement for Moms (Part 1)Sample

Overwhelmed by My Blessings: Encouragement for Moms (Part 1)

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When I discovered I was pregnant with our sixth child, I knew I was in way over my head. I was already overwhelmed by my responsibilities, but this put me on the proverbial ledge. I’m a pretty resourceful, determined girl, but this was way more than I could possibly handle. I was homeschooling my four older children while trying to keep an active three-year-old occupied. I tried to have some order to our day and still find a drop of time alone with my husband. I just hoped my kids wouldn’t leave home at 18 still unable to read or subtract and that my husband would still love me.

Often, I would walk to our mailbox at the end of our long driveway, look longingly down the road, and seriously wonder what it would be like to just keep walking. One day, while daydreaming about running away, I heard the gentle whisper of Jesus saying, “Spend some time with Me.” What?! I can’t even go to the bathroom alone, and the noise level in our house is deafening! Time? I don’t have time!

But I knew I had the same 24-hour days as everyone else. I just had to make time with Jesus a priority. I began getting up at 5:00 am everyday, because that was the only time my house was quiet. I started reading my Bible in those early, peaceful hours. At first, I didn’t feel like I was receiving much, but after some time those words became peace in the chaos and gave me the power to persevere. God’s Word was like chemotherapy for the dark sin in my heart and sight for my blind eyes. Those words became breath, love, and life! They changed me then, and are still changing me today.

Sure, there were days some of my children got out of bed and wanted to join me.I taught them to sit quietly with me, or they would have to go back to bed. One of my daughters says sitting with me while I read my Bible is still one of her favorite memories.

Try it! I challenge you. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier. Get up before your household awakens each day. I promise, time with God will set the tone for your day, and set your heart on the right things. You’ll see.

Father, I admit I value my sleep. This is a hard one for me, to consider getting up earlier each day. Give me the courage to fight the excuses and choose to honor You with the first part of my day. I ask that as I make this sacrifice of sleep, that I will be alert and open to your words for me. Thank You for your gentle reminders that Your words are life.

Consider reading these scriptures from The Message for a fresh perspective.

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