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Real Hope: Earthen VesselsSample

Real Hope: Earthen Vessels

DAY 4 OF 5

Light Through The Cracks

We are all flawed and cracked in some way. Some of us have bigger cracks than others, but we all have them. We may view ourselves like a cracked vase and think that our cracks make us invaluable or unworthy, but the good news is that God doesn’t see us that way.

God has never asked us to be perfect or perfectly put together. Just the opposite. God asks us to come to Him as we are; broken and flawed! As our Creator Father, God knows just how flawed we are. The Samaritan woman at the well experienced this firsthand. Ostracised by the community for her life choices and living in isolation, she experienced the unbelievable grace of God when she encountered Jesus. Despite knowing everything about her, He didn’t disregard her. Instead, He revealed Himself to her and poured out His grace over her. His unconditional love and acceptance of her gave the woman a new sense of value. And the result of that? She was the first female evangelist recorded! John 4:39 tells us that ‘many believed because of her testimony.’

It’s easy to look at our flaws and believe God won’t use us; however, God has never used perfect people because none exist! Only Jesus was perfect. What God does do, however, is use imperfect and flawed people like you and me for His perfect will. He is the potter who gently molds and chisels us to look more like Jesus while using the cracked parts of our lives to encourage others and point them to Him.

If you’re feeling like a cracked and broken vessel, take heart because you’re not alone. We’re all cracked vessels. But we’re still vessels that God can shine His light through.


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Real Hope: Earthen Vessels

We all have flaws. Not a single one of us is perfect, and many of us have cracks and breaks that are evidence of seasons of w...


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