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Supremacy of Christ: A Study in HebrewsSample

Supremacy of Christ: A Study in Hebrews

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What does it say?

Jesus, God’s Son, is superior to the prophets and angels.

What does it mean?

One main thought runs throughout the book of Hebrews: Jesus is superior to anything. The readers are challenged to follow Jesus, not the traditions of religion. God had spoken to their forefathers through prophets, but now they have heard and seen God Himself in Jesus. Even the angels are created beings sent to minister to and serve God’s people. The characteristics of Jesus in this chapter outshine them all: Heir of all things, Creator, the expression of God’s glory, a perfect representation of God, Sustainer of all things, Savior, and Lord. Jesus is God, deserving of worship, honor, and praise.

How should I respond?

In our society, many people seek spirituality but tend to reject God, as revealed in the Bible. It’s generally accepted to talk about and even worship angels, but if you mention the name of Jesus, you’re labeled a fanatic. Do you consider yourself a spiritual or religious person? On what is your evaluation based? As you read Hebrews, keep a record of the character traits of Jesus. Mark every time the writer says Jesus is “better than.” Don’t settle for being religious when you can have an intimate relationship with Jesus.


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Supremacy of Christ: A Study in Hebrews

Although the authorship of Hebrews is unclear, the message of the book could not be clearer: Jesus Christ is superior to all. Jesus’ name is greater than the angels, He is more faithful than Moses, and only His blood has...


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