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Ancient of Days: A Study in DanielSample

Ancient of Days: A Study in Daniel

DAY 1 OF 13

What does it say?

Judah was conquered by the Lord’s instrument of judgment, Babylon. Daniel was taken captive and chosen to be trained to serve King Nebuchadnezzar.

What does it mean?

Daniel made a courageous appeal when he was ordered to do something that violated his beliefs as a descendant of Judah. God blessed Daniel and his friends with sound reasoning skills, insight, and discernment to interpret the events around them. They were enabled to honor God even while they served the pagan king. Daniel maintained godly standards in a time of great pressure and insecurity. As God’s children, their chief desire was to please Him and maintain their resolve to do what was right in difficult circumstances.

How should I respond?

Obedience to God requires personal resolve. You make choices every day about things that may wound your conscience or break your fellowship with the Lord. It’s impossible to follow Christ and participate in all that’s available to you. Is it your habit to refuse things that are not pleasing to God? What questionable situation at school, work, or in your family comes to mind? To whom should you appeal or offer a different plan? Ask God for the courage to trust Him while also maintaining an attitude that pleases Him. Challenging situations are opportunities to prove the faithfulness of God in your personal life.


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Ancient of Days: A Study in Daniel

The book of Daniel chronicles the stories and visions of the exiled prophet during his life in Babylon. Although faced with devastating exile, the characters of Daniel choose to be faithful to God no matter the cost. Dan...


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