There Is Hope


Do you like blues music? I really do. Even though I grew up far, far away from the Mississippi Delta, there is something about that gritty music that resonates with my soul. I never had to chop cotton or work as a sharecropper to make my living, but I’ve had my own pain and hard times, and those old songs sing to me. One of my favorites is Booker T. Jones’ “Born Under a Bad Sign,” which talks about hard luck and trouble plaguing his whole life.

Has your life ever seemed hopeless? Have you ever thought you were cursed, that everything you tried was doomed to unravel and fail? Or do you know someone who feels like that? Then this set of devotions is for you. Here is some gospel hope--God cares for you. Through our dear Savior, Jesus Christ, God is not only going to give you a place with him in heaven, but he is going to help you in your life right now. Everyone who trusts in Christ is absolutely guaranteed a future better than the past!

Here are stories of people like you who struggle and wait but who hope and rejoice. Let God comfort your heart with his comforting words.