How Do You Know When It's God?

How Do You Know When It's God?

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Busy At Work

I've often heard that God finds us when we're busy in the work we are called to in a season and speaks to the place He's calling us to in the future. I've also often heard that we should pay attention to disruptions in our day because it could be God speaking to us in a particular way.

What are you busy doing this season?

What has God called you to in His field?

Do you sometimes question if it is worth it?

Maybe you're a stay-at-home mom, and you're struggling to see how God could be using you in a season where it seems you're struggling to keep your head above water. Maybe you're in a job that appears to be a dead-end and wondering how in the world this is fulfilling God's purpose. You may be in a place of rest and honestly can't understand how you contribute to the Kingdom when you've been ordered to stay off your feet and stay home.

Where-ever you are, God can and will show up and find you.

Moses was busy at work, shepherding the flock of his father-in-law in a town he fled to out of fear when he heard the call of God. His response to God was much like ours today would be. When God calls us, we often wonder why He would choose us for such a thing, but God is never confused about His call nor His chosen.

In Exodus 3, we learn some clear indications of how we can know when it is God.

  1. God met Moses amid His current work and assignment. Moses may have fled to Midian out of fear, but he still went to work in the areas God had called him in that location. Fast at work, shepherding the flock of his father-in-law Jethro, God knew where he would be that day, and when he reached that place, God caught his attention.
  2. God knows what will get His children's attention. As Moses led the flock to the far side of the wilderness and came to Horeb (Exodus 3:1), he noticed a burning bush that was not consumed. This would make anyone stop in their footsteps to see how this was possible. Imagine busy working in your day, and suddenly you notice a piece of paper on fire on your desk, but it's not destroyed; it's just on fire. At that moment, you will know that this is a miraculous act and likely has to be God. Moses was so intrigued by what he saw that he had to get closer to it to see what was truly happening.
  3. When God determines that you are listening, He will speak. Although Moses was fast at work, he took time to be present and notice what was happening around him. He knew that seeing a burning bush not be consumed in his workday was not expected, so he allowed this disruption in his day. Once God has Moses' attention, He begins to call him by name, which causes Moses to respond to God's call immediately.
    "Here I am," is Moses' response to God.
  4. Responding to God opens the door for Him to enter. When Moses responds, "Here I am," God begins to speak to Moses and give him instructions. First, he told Moses that he was now on holy ground and needed to remove his shoes in reverence. Then, once Moses' heart was positioned in a place of reverence, God began to give him his assignment.
  5. God offers encouragement and assurance. God's voice is never with condemnation but with confidence. He wanted Moses to believe that he could indeed carry out this call. When Moses asks God questions, God gives him answers that let him know He will be with him throughout his journey. God's voice will not appear as accusing or fearful but one filled with courage.

God often shows up in our place in the wilderness to instruct us to lead others through that same wilderness. Moses was met in a location where he would lead the Israelites to reach their promised land. We know it's God when spoken to in a way that grabs our attention, affirms us, and gives us vision and direction. Yet, it was not until Moses responded to the call that He knew it was indeed God.


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How Do You Know When It's God?

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