Superbook: The First Christmas

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The True Meaning of Christmas

Imagine your parents threw a party for your birthday. You have great food, lots of fun things to do, and you have an awesome gift for everyone who comes to your party. You invite everyone you know because you don't want anyone to feel left out.

Now imagine everyone came. Your guests ate the food, enjoyed the activities, and they loved their presents. In fact, people talked about all the great things they did at your party for years to come. Yet no one, not one person, wished you a happy birthday. In fact, they forgot what the party was about. Wouldn't that be awful?

This is often the way we treat Christmas. We get so excited about the celebration that we forget why we are celebrating in the first place.

In today's video clip, Chris has the same problem. All he can think about are the gifts he can win. It looks like Superbook will need to help Chris see what he is missing.

Over the next five days, we will join Chris, Joy, and Gizmo as they discover the real meaning of Christmas.


God, as I study your Bible, help me to see the true meaning of Christmas. Help me see the beauty of your greatest gift to us - Jesus. Amen.

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