Infinitum Family Advent, Week 1

Infinitum Family Advent, Week 1

DAY 1 OF 5

Have you ever had a Christmas expectation go wrong? Perhaps you thought you were getting a certain present but didn’t, or you had hopes that you’d travel to visit a loved one but then an illness kept you apart? The people in Jesus’ day had expectations about what their Messiah was going to be like and those mental pictures didn’t include Him being born in a stable with animals, or that He would be gentle, known for His love.

Missed expectations can cause a lot of disappointment. But just because something isn’t what we expected, doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. Kind of like the first time you dipped a cheesy sandwich into tomato soup…it maybe doesn’t SOUND like it would be good, but ooooooooo it IS delicious!

Jesus was unexpected, but ooooooooo so beautiful. When we stick to our expectations, we can miss out on so much. Can you think of a time that you were unpleasantly surprised and yet it turned out to be okay? Maybe even a time that it turned out great?

This Christmas, let’s let go of our expectations and let the surprises and the beauty of the season remind us of Jesus and His surprising beauty.


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Infinitum Family Advent, Week 1

We’re filled with anticipation as we lean into this season of celebration with the intention of tuning into the heart of God. Join us for 4 weeks as we: Behold Beauty, Break Barriers, Make Room, and are Surprised by God....

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