Fully Loved: Seeing Yourself the Way God Does

Fully Loved: Seeing Yourself the Way God Does

DAY 1 OF 5

Let Me Show You Who You Are

“You think there are different versions of you, some that are better than others. The version you are right now is never the one you want to be. Let’s get to the root of that. For I see deeper; I see you, not segmented versions of you. And I like what I see.

“I am in you. I am the one who has made you. The complete you, the whole you, the true you. You, with all your mistakes and regrets and desires for second-chances and do-overs.

“Letting go of the idea that there is a better version of you just around the corner, waiting to be born and realized, or that the better version of you is in the past, when you were younger and stronger and had the whole world ahead, will help you see the wild beauty and strength of you now.

“For I am in you now, and I am speaking to you now, and I am helping you now. Who I see right now is the truest part of you. Let Me show you who you are. Let Me help you hear you. Let Me help you trust you. Let Me help you listen to you. Let Me help you love you. Begin there. With love. Living knowing you are loved will be what makes you abandon the striving and the regretting, the looking for another version of you to surface. Look deeper now. See you. I adore you. I love who I see.”

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Fully Loved: Seeing Yourself the Way God Does

Do you ever wish you were a different version of yourself? Or long for a version of you from the past—full of potential? Let God open your eyes to see how He sees you—fully loved and fully known. Discover the key to acce...

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