Come and See

DAY 1 OF 21

Out of the darkness of waiting and wandering, the book of John opens. In a world
corrupted by sin and death, there are people who have been stumbling around waiting for a
Savior who will set them free... And now, a light has finally come.

It is amazingly poetic to discover that at the world’s creation, the very divine Word that
spoke, “Let there be light,” is now made flesh and has come into the world fully man but also
fully God. In this act, He once again brings forth light into the world. And once again, out of
Him comes new life.

If we go outside, before the sun has risen, we won’t be able to see what’s in front of us.
Only being able to make out shadows, nothing will make sense. We won’t recognize danger, we
may trip and fall, and whatever is good and beautiful will be hidden from sight. But as the light
from the sun begins to spread through the morning, things become clear. Light brings knowledge
and understanding, goodness and truth.

In this same way, the coming of the Word illuminates for us who God is and what He
will do. We see through Christ that God is grace and truth. And in Christ, we have the sacrificial
lamb who takes away the sin of the world.

The Light has come, but what is hard to understand is how some people continue to
stumble around in darkness. Without eyes to see they remain lost. Without faith to believe they
continue down the wrong path. Yet the brightness of Christ gives spiritual sight to all who
believe. And as we walk in His light, we become a reflection of Him to those who still can’t see.
As they stumble, we can point them to Jesus. His light shines in the darkness. “Come and see.”


John 1


Light candles for dinner every night during December as a reminder of how Jesus came as a light
into the world. You may want to get an advent wreath for this. Let this also be a reminder to
reflect His light to others this season.

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Come and See

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