Anchorage: The Storm of Depression | Part 4 of 8

Anchorage: The Storm of Depression | Part 4 of 8

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The Reality of Depression

Often, when we hear of someone struggling with depression, we naturally assume that the person is weaker than others, or maybe even that he or she is blowing a relatively small issue way out of proportion. But depression is a real issue, a real obstacle that affects the way a person thinks, perceives and behaves. It cannot simply be ignored or pushed aside. It needs to be resolved. A real issue needs a real solution. But how do we deal with a stronghold of the mind?

It is only natural to experience grief when faced with a setback or loss, but like everything else in the world, this too must pass. It cannot be more than a transient emotion, the duration of which can be subjective. When a person cannot pull himself out of this slump, it becomes a prison of the mind; a form of captivity that they helplessly subject themselves to simply because they see no alternative. They see no hope.

The key is to reach out, to try and stay afloat even when everything within you tells you that letting go is easier. But what do we look forward to? What do we hold on to? Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one. We know that turning to God is our only way forward, but how do we do it when our mind is clouded with the most desolate and dreary thoughts? As this surge of numbness takes over, how do we reach out to God when we don’t see or sense Him around us?

A lot of times, we struggle because we don’t know the truth. God says in the book of Hosea, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.” You cannot strengthen yourself in God if you are not aware of the truth. Once you build on God and rely on Him to a point where it is your natural instinct, then you will be able to withstand these hard blows that come at you. It is a conscious decision that you need to make: a decision to depend on God. You may not be immune to these adversities, and while it can disrupt your state of mind, it cannot disrupt your peace because you are no longer controlled by it. What most of us don’t realize is that we are called to live powerful and victorious lives. Some of us just want to live an average life and try to stay clear of major setbacks. But God wants so much more than for you to just scrape through barely living and missing out on the things He has in store for you. Trust in His timing and plans. Don’t give up on yourself because God has not given up on you.


When you are struggling with depression, will you make the choice to turn to God rather than let it tighten its grip on you? Are you willing to hold on to God and trust in His plans for you?

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Anchorage: The Storm of Depression | Part 4 of 8

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