Beloved: A Study in Song of Solomon

Beloved: A Study in Song of Solomon

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What does it say?

The maiden longed for her beloved’s kiss and found pleasure in his name. Solomon praised her beauty when she asked him to excuse her physical appearance.

What does it mean?

The Song of Songs is an intimate picture of romantic love and marriage as God intended. Throughout the lyrical poem, Solomon and the Shulamite maiden describe their feelings, each other, and the progression of their relationship. The poetic language and the unfamiliar cultural setting can make it a difficult book to understand. In this first passage, the couple was in the early days of their courtship. She longed for his presence and associated his name with his positive qualities. His character was such that other women loved to hear her talk about him.

How should I respond?

Much of contemporary culture pictures unhealthy marriages and promotes casual or perverted relationships. We tend to forget that God originated romance and marriage. It makes sense for followers of Christ to approach romantic relationships the way God intended. If you are single, how would you describe the character of the person you are currently dating or interested in? Are they a believer who displays Christ-like qualities? The smoothest road to a healthy marriage starts with a growing personal relationship with Jesus and a commitment to Christ-centered dating.

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Beloved: A Study in Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon is a stirring collection of love poems by King Solomon. This book exemplifies the ideal example of marriage and sexuality: exclusive, intimate, binding love between a man and a woman. It proclaims this lo...

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